‘Hospital at home’ scheme frees up beds

May 29 2018

People in South Gloucestershire are amongst 100 patients living near Southmead hospital to receive having acute healthcare at home in an effort to free up hospital beds.

The ‘Hospital at Home’ scheme introduced by the North Bristol NHS Trust is supported by research which shows that patients recover faster in a familiar environment. Patients are visited at least once a day by specialist nurses, there is telephone support, and they are under the care of a consultant until their treatment is completed.  They can go back into hospital at any time should they need to. 

Since the project started in January, there has been positive feedback from patients who say they feel more relaxed and more in control of their lives.  It’s estimated that 483 bed days have been saved so far. 

Reston Smith, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia said: 

“We know people don’t like being away from home and spending longer in hospital than necessary. Patients suitable for Hospital at Home can benefit from their home comforts whilst receiving the same excellent healthcare from our team. We can easily adapt the service, and always continue their care in a hospital setting if needed”.