9 out of 10 get chosen primary school

May 01 2019
9 out of 10 get chosen primary school

NINE out of every ten families applying for primary schools in South Gloucestershire received a place at their first choice school this year.

Figures for schools in the authority area have just been released by the council and show that, in total, 3,369 parents applied for places for their children in September, up by 19 on last year’s total.

Of those, 2,864 or 91% received an offer from their first-choice school. That number is down on last year, when 2,925 or 92% or families received their first-choice offer.

Another 178 applicants received their second-choice school and 26 their third choice, leaving 301 offered places at schools they had not chosen on their application forms.

Of those, 60 were offered a place at the next nearest school to their home, leaving 241 having to travel further afield.

The council says all parents from South Gloucestershire who made an application on time for a primary school place received one at a school somewhere in the area.

Although figures for every school have not yet been released, last year the most in-demand schools in the authority area also included St Mary’s C of E Primary in Yate, above.