Acrogymnasts bring home silver for Great Britain

November 25 2019
Acrogymnasts bring home silver for Great Britain

TWO young gymnasts from Yate’s King Edmund Gym Club have won silver at the European Acrogymnastics Championships.

Harry Hole (16) and George Paget (12) were representing Great Britain in the event which took place in the city of Holon, near Tel Aviv in Israel.

Eight gymnasts in total from the club, which is known as King Eddies, competed in the championships, which is the highest representation ever from just one club.

They had to get through two selection events in the UK and then be chosen to represent Great Britain against renowned gymnastic nations such as Russia.

Mark Thorne, the acrogymnastic coach at King Eddies, said that Harry and George had an "excellent final routine", which won them their silver medal.

He said: “George has made a comeback back from a serious arm injury – he broke it above his elbow two years ago, but his recovery has been amazing. Harry is an experienced gymnast – he’s already won a bronze in the world championships in China when he was the smaller of the pair.

"Now Harry is the base, and George is the top. It’s unusual in such a short space of time to have done the transformation from the top to a base.

The coaches work with them and spend a lot of time with them, they’ll train 20 plus hours a week over 5 days and mentally they are prepared as well as physically.”

George said: “It was my dream, to compete for my country, and winning silver was something I’ll never forget.”

The two boys are also in the TV show Gym Stars, made by Drummer TV, and film crews were with them in Israel.

There was also success for other gymnasts at the European Championships.

Mark said: “The senior mixed pair, Finn Cockran and Kirsten Owen, had just moved up from 13-19 section to the senior section, which is the highest level. They performed above expectations and finished fourth overall.”

Around 1,500 children a week take part in gymnastics at King Eddies, which takes youngsters from a huge area.

Mark said: “Harry lives in Hambrook and George in Sherston – our catchment area is getting bigger because of the reputation that the club has got and it’s a massive pool of local talent as well.”