Adults swimmers are taking the plunge

October 31 2018
Adults swimmers are taking the plunge

Local swimming lessons just for adults have been extended after proving hugely popular.

 Additional sessions have been added at Thornbury Leisure centre and at other centres across South Gloucestershire, although Yate Leisure Centre is not offering the lesson. 

A YouGov poll estimates that 27% of adults can’t swim 25 metres. The sessions aim to tackle this by teaching anyone over 18 how to swim, or how to improve. 

Swimmer Beverley James said: “Before starting the adult swimming lessons at Thornbury, I was a non-swimmer with a longstanding fear of water. Now, after just a few weeks, my fears have subsided, and I can feel my stroke and technique improving.”

 “Building your confidence in the water can be difficult, but the sessions cater for a range of abilities and the level of support the teachers provide is superb. I wouldn’t be without my Tuesday sessions now, I look forward to them every week.”

 Mark Crutchley, Chief Executive of Circadian Trust, the not-for-profit organisation which operates the centres in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council said: “Swim England’s research has highlighted how swimming regularly can benefit both your physical and mental health. By providing an adult swimming programme, we hope to remove barriers for those who can’t swim and help them to access the health benefits the activity can provide. We’re delighted to offer adult swimming lessons across four of our centres – and I’m glad they’ve proven popular so far.”

Swim England’s research, published to coincide with the recent World Mental Health Day, showed that swimming can improve mental health. It’s estimated that 1.4 million people who have mental health conditions and who also swim are benefitting. 

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