April 2018: On The Beat

March 29 2018

People at our recent Community Engagement Forum heard about the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW). Members are six times less likely to burgled, while joining helps to bring people together and can lead to a discount in home insurance.

Members get information about local incidents through their co-ordinator, with the information easier to share now through e-mail, although it can still be printed off for those who aren’t online. If you’re interested, find out more at www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/NHW or call 0117 9286063.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) covers a wide range of issues, including noisy neighbours, inconsiderate vehicle use, littering, damage and rowdy or drunken behaviour. 

Because of this we, South Gloucestershire Council and housing providers all have powers to deal with different aspects of it, and we work closely together in order to make sure we can all enjoy our community spaces and feel safe in our homes. 

We always need evidence to take action, so please report issues as they happen, with as much information about the person responsible as you can give. Although we might not always be able to attend immediately, we can build a picture of what’s happening, where and when, enabling us to target our response and bid for resources.

You can download an incident diary and find more information on reporting ASB from www.avonandsomerset.police.uk or www.southglos.gov.uk 

Young people often get blamed for ASB. We’ll tackle those who cause issues, but remember most just want to meet their friends. Parents and carers can help to keep their children safe and out of trouble by making sure they know where they are and who they’re with.