April 2018: Your Local MP

March 29 2018

Junction 18A onto the M4: Another step forward

Junction 18A, the proposed new link between vital and A4174 ring road, with the M4, has taken another step forward this month, as South Gloucestershire Council took the formal decision to recommend that the new junction should be placed at Emersons Green, not at Pucklechurch, moving the project onto the next stage. 

Junction 18A onto the M4 would provide relief to existing and future congestion on the ring road, and discourage heavy goods traffic from using routes through the small, eastern villages in South Gloucestershire, as they make their way from the A46 to access eastern Bristol. A report by the University of Bath has also highlighted the key economic benefits of a new M4 link which will provide easier access residents onto the M4 and accommodate the growth that is planned for South Gloucestershire. It will also address the increasing commercial demands being placed on Yate, Emersons Green Westerleigh, Pucklechurch and the rest of South Gloucestershire. 

I am so grateful to the thousands of local residents who signed the petition calling for the new junction 18A, which helped us as the three South Gloucestershire MPs secure £500,000 from the Chancellor to get junction 18A moving again. This level of local support has helped me raise junction 18A in the House of Commons, bring Cabinet Ministers down to the site and to show them how important it will be for the area.

I was also delighted to hand a letter, signed by over 100 local businesses, calling for the junction to the Transport Minister. All of this local support has helped get us to this stage, where we can look at reliving the long term congestion we experience in South Gloucestershire.

As we move forward, we now have to get Highways England to look over the proposed location and sign it off too, but I have already met with them to explain that as the local MP, I would only be able to support the Emersons Green option, and completely oppose any suggestion of it being built at Pucklechurch. 

As both a local man who was born here and has lived here all of my life, I will do all I can to help deliver the best for our community, and this includes pushing for bigger improvements to our roads as well as smaller local schemes. If you have any thoughts on junction 18A, or any other matter, I would be delighted to hear from you; luke.hall.mp@parliament.uk