Attack on Yate dog walker leaves family wary of going out

November 26 2021
Attack on Yate dog walker leaves family wary of going out

A DOG owner who was assaulted while walking his pet says his family is now wary about going out.

Chris Palmer sustained considerable facial injuries in the attack, including a swollen ear and a chipped tooth, bruised chin, black eye and bloody nose.

He also had an injury to his hip from where he was kicked.

Chris, 65, said he was walking his dog in the top field at Brimsham Fields and talking on the phone to his son when suddenly a black Alsatian "came from nowhere".

He said: "It was aggressive and growling, so I shooed the thing off and it ran away.

“I carried on walking and was about to warn a nearby family that there was a dog on the loose when it suddenly appeared again and attacked my dog.

"It was on the exact spot where I knew a previous incident had happened and a dog had been severely injured, so obviously I wasn’t going to take a chance - I swung at it with my size 11 boots to get it away."

Chris said a man then appeared and "absolutely floored me with a haymaker punch".

While he was on the ground his head was "pummelled" despite attempts to defend himself.

Chris said the attacker then walked off.

He said: "He shouted at me 'it's only a pup' but I can say it was one hell of a big pup.

“I phoned the police and they responded straight way. They told me not to follow the man and met me in the car park where I tried to give them a description."

Chris says the incident, which happened on October 29, won’t stop him walking his dog in future, but admits that his wife and family are all wary about the possibility of a similar incident happening again.

Avon and Somerset police are investigating the incident and are appealing for anyone with information who has not yet come forward to call them on 101, quoting incident number 5221 254 228.

A police spokesperson said: “A 32-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault and released on police bail after a man reported being punched and kicked while walking his dog in Brimsham Green, Yate on October 29.

"The investigation into the incident continues."