August 2018 Letters

August 01 2018

Getting the name right for breast feeding group

Issue 41 (July 2018, p.12) of the Yate & Sodbury Voice contained an article describing how Barnardo’s Breastfeeding Peer Support Project had been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is the highest award that can be given to volunteer groups in the UK, and was given in recognition of the emotional and practical support that hundreds of women and their families receive every year at breastfeeding support groups.

Unfortunately, the July article stated that the Yate group is called Great Friends, and is held on a Thursday. Instead, the group is actually called Breast Friends, and is held on a Tuesday. It takes place at the Yate Children’s Centre on Cranleigh Court Road, between 1130-1300. We would like to reach as many women as possible who might benefit from the group - please do come along!

We welcome and support any mothers who are giving their children any amount of breast milk, via any method. We often support mums of newborns, who are trying to establish a breastfeeding relationship, but we are also here for mums with older babies and toddlers.  A recent survey of mums attending the Yate Breast Friends group highlighted how friendly both the peer supporters and other mums were at the group.

With best wishes,


Gabrielle Foster 

(On behalf of all the peer supporters at Yate Breast Friends)