August 2018: Vet's Advice

August 01 2018

Kennel Cough

The kennel cough season is here and it is time to consider your dogs vaccination status. Kennel cough, or what is more accurate, infectious canine tracheobronchitis, is a highly infectious disease causing a distressing and persistent cough that can last for weeks.

 It is a great myth that it is all about kennels as some studies estimate that up to 85% of dogs with the infection have never been in a kennel at all. 

Like colds and flu in people, it is all about contact with infected dogs when you are out and about. Notwithstanding most cases are eventually self limiting, they  can be very upsetting  for owners, and it can lead to potentially more serious illness.

 Although it may be caused by a myriad of infectious agents there is a highly effective nasal vaccine that can prevent against the two main ones, bordetella (a bacteria) and parainfluenza (a virus), so talk to your vet about their recommendations.


Patrick Murphy D.V.M., MRCVS

Abbotswood Veterinary Centre