Back in the swing after double knee surgery

October 31 2018
Back in the swing after double knee surgery

A Yate man, who had to give up golf because of the excruciating pain in his knees, is planning a return to the greens following double knee surgery.

Hugh Trevorrow, a retired structural engineer, had been in exceptional pain with sudden shooting pains in his knees. He explained: “It was as if someone had put a hot knife through my knees: the pain was so sharp I’d shout out, surprising whoever was sitting next to me.”

His X-rays revealed that the cartilage - the smooth elastic tissue which forms a rubber-like padding covering and protecting the ends of long bones at the joints - had completely eroded, leaving bone grinding against bone.

The 67-year-old, who rides a Honda VFR 750 motorbike, was referred for surgery by his GP. Mr Trevorrow selected Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre.

The team at the centre operated on his right leg and, after he had recovered, the surgeons carried out the same operation on his left knee, replacing the worn joints and cartilage.

“I feel great. I’m back enjoying riding my motorbike and I’m talking to friends about fixing up some golf games, which I have really missed.”