Bad drivers are the main cause of road accidents in South Gloucestershire

October 31 2018

Don't blame the roads, don't blame the weather, the main cause of accidents in South Gloucestershire is bad drivers, figures reveal.

Ralph Blackburn, data reporter 

The driver or rider failing to look properly contributed to 90 accidents last year.

The second most common cause was the driver or rider failing to judge another vehicle's speed, which occurred in 70 incidents in South Gloucestershire.

The figures are from Department for Transport data which lists contributory factors for accidents, as recorded by police.

There are 78 different factors for officers to choose from.

They can record more than one reason for an accident, which, for example, could be caused by bad driving, poor weather conditions, pedestrians stepping into the road, or a combination of all three. 

An accident is registered when at least one person suffers a slight injury in an incident with a vehicle.

The injury does not have to involve cars. It could be a bike colliding with a pedestrian, or someone falling over while cycling.

Other common factors in South Gloucestershire were the driver losing control, the driver or rider being careless and reckless and bad turns or manoeuvres.

The figures also show the number of road casualties in South Gloucestershire.

There were 453 casualties in 2017,  during which eight people were killed and 34 seriously injured.