Be prepared - cubs put motto into practice

March 29 2018
Be prepared - cubs put motto into practice

The recent snow might have brought much of Yate and Sodbury to a halt, but the 1st Chipping Sodbury cubs are made of sterner stuff.

They enjoyed a weekend camp despite the weather, as Akela Sharon Cross explains.

As I left work on in the heaviest snowstorm we’ve seen for many years, only succeeding in navigating Charfield Hill with the help of three good Samaritans who appeared out of nowhere and pushed my struggling car to the top, I seriously doubted the wisdom of having arranged for that coming weekend - a camp in Bristol Docks for our Cubs.

Whilst the roads to Bristol were pretty much impassable on Friday, I decided that it would be fun to camp regardless at our Chipping Sodbury headquarters. I contacted the parents of our Cubs and shared with them our revised plan. So delighted were they at the prospect of having a weekend without their 8-10 year olds, that their resourcefulness took over and fourteen Cubs made their way to us by 4x4, on foot, by sled and even by tractor! Adding toboggans to their Kit list.

After dinner we headed out to play in the snow on The Ridings and found to our delight, on the edges of the rugby and football pitches, snowdrifts as tall as a Cub. The snow was so deep that the Leaders got stuck several times and had to resort to crawling on all fours to reach the summits of the slopes. Once back at HQ, to dry out and warm up with the compulsory hot chocolate, the Cubs settled down to watch a film.

On Saturday morning we ventured to the alpine slopes of Wickwar where the Cubs demonstrated the skills of the gold medallists at the winter Olympics, as they hurtled downwards. 

By late afternoon the rapid thaw had completely changed the road conditions, so we headed to Bristol by minibus and followed the Treasure Island Trail around Bristol’s old pirate haunts.

On Sunday we returned to take our planned boat trip around Bristol’s floating harbour. The Cubs really enjoyed what proved to be an extremely interesting and informative tour from the main harbour lock gates under the Suspension Bridge, past Temple Meads station to The Feeder. We always like, if possible, to invest our new Cubs into the pack in a place that will be memorable for them. One lucky Cub and our newest leader ‘Grey’ became the first, according to the guide, ever to be invested aboard the Matthew, which was moored in the Docks and they were asked to sign the visitors book.

The easy thing to do on Friday morning would have been to use the snow as a reason to cancel the camp however, as most would know, the Cub motto is “Be Prepared”. Our Cubs, their parents and our leaders were all prepared to carry on camping – despite the arctic conditions and everyone had a great and very memorable time.