Big increase in EU residents despite Brexit

December 22 2018

THE number of EU citizens living in South Gloucestershire has increased by 60 per cent since the Brexit referendum, officials believe.

The latest estimates published by the Office for National Statistics show that, in the two years since June 2016, the number of EU migrants living in the area rose by 5,000, from 8,000 in 2016 to 13,000 in June.

The percentage increase is much greater than for the UK as a whole, where the number of Europeans rose by 9 per cent to 3.7 million. And it is in contrast to Bristol, where the number of EU citizens has remained steady at around 27,000.

The greatest rise in South Gloucestershire was among EU migrants from Western European countries and from Romania and Bulgaria, with an estimated 100% increase in two years.

But the 4.7% of South Gloucestershire's total population made up of European citizens is below the UK average of 5.7% and Bristol’s figure of 5.9%.

The number of migrants from non-EU countries living in South Gloucestershire also rose, from 5,000 in 2016 to 7,000 in June. In Bristol, migrants from non-EU countries numbered 21,000, up from 18,000 in 2016.

The estimates are based on the ONS’s Annual Population Survey. They count EU citizens living at private addresses and students in halls of residence whose parents live in the UK.

Students with parents living abroad or migrants living at communal establishments, like hotels or hostels, are excluded.

All the numbers were rounded by the ONS to nearest thousand.