Boxing twins Ben and Jake Demmery turn professional together

November 26 2019
Boxing twins Ben and Jake Demmery turn professional together

THEY are both turning professional together but there's one fight Jake and Ben Demmery will always turn down – a bout against each other.

The twins, aged 23, were born 6 minutes apart and 9 weeks early, and unsurprisingly have always been close.

They fell in love with boxing as schoolboys and joined a club next to their school. Now they’ve boxed for 12 years as amateurs and taken part in over 130 fights between them.

Jake (above, right) said: “We always said if we ever got drawn against each other in a big competition we would do rock paper scissors. We get on very well and always have done and growing up as close as we did means that neither of us wants the other to fail.

If one of us was to beat the other in a fight we would both feel terrible, so we don’t see the point. We will always stick together and back each other up so to fight each other would ruin that. There is no chance we could fight now. If we wanted to, we could make it happen, but no one is going to force us to fight.”

The twins, who started at Downend Boxing Club and now train at Bristol Boxing Gym, have very different boxing styles.

Ben said: “Jake is a stand-up awkward boxer, whereas I like to get inside and work and have a bit of a tear-up!”

Their parents have become accustomed to taking them all over the country training and fighting, helping with nutrition and funding their amateur careers.

They are now sponsored by Yate firms Drill Cut and Bristol Windows Ltd which makes it possible for them to box and to have brain scans and medicals.

Both still have jobs outside boxing – Ben (below, right) is a bricklayer, and Jake fits and renovates timber sash windows – but if their careers in the ring take off they could end up leaving that behind.


Jake and Ben Demmery



Ben said: “We’ve been boxing for so long it’s hard to imagine not doing it. Obviously everything comes to an end, but who knows? I’d love to be still boxing in 5 years’ time.

We both like to keep realistic and have short term goals; in boxing it’s important to take each fight as it comes.

"A massive dream of ours, as massive City fans, has got to be to sell out Ashton Gate – now that would be something!”