Club offers free lessons to bridge beginners

MEMBERS of a bridge club which meets in Chipping Sodbury are offering free sessions to other groups and organisations to teach them how to play the popular game.

They are particularly keen to teach people who have never played before.

The Tudor Bridge Club is well established and thriving. It has been running for over 35 years and has 40 members.

The club wants to send trainers with equipment out to the venues where other groups meet, and trainers are happy to travel, or to run sessions themselves.

Member Christine May said: “The way we teach bridge is different to most clubs. Instead of one teacher standing at the front, we have two or three teachers, plus several experienced bridge players to help.

There is an experienced player at every table to help the beginners and explain things in different ways.

There’s a huge level of individual support, rather than new players only playing with other beginners.”

The club is particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in taking the game to women’s institutes, community groups, care homes or residents living in sheltered accommodation.

Anyone wanting to arrange a session can contact Christine May on 07876 334921 or email

Tudor Bridge Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm in St Lawrence Church Parish Hall, Broad Street, Chipping Sodbury.