Brimsham Green School is improving, says Ofsted

January 28 2019
Brimsham Green School is improving, says Ofsted

INSPECTORS say leaders at Brimsham Green School are “taking effective action” to improve it.

Ofsted inspectors visited the secondary school in December for the first time since the education watchdog declared that the school required improvement in 2016. They have now released their monitoring report.

Inspector Steve Smith said there had been encouraging progress, particularly in providing work that suits the differing abilities of pupils; challenging the most able and supporting those of lower academic ability.

He said: “The most able pupils are now making better progress than they were at the time of the previous inspection. Post-16 outcomes have also improved and are in line with the national average.”

Head teacher Kim Garland (pictured above) said the inspector had “recognised the significant improvement in outcomes for our most able students and our sixth formers, two priority areas from our 2016 inspection”.

She added: “These cohorts of students collectively represent more than half of our students on roll, and so their achievements are good barometers for the quality of teaching at Brimsham.”

The report identified that the school in Broad Lane, Yate, still needs to improve the achievement of lower ability pupils and the small number of middle-ability disadvantaged boys who are “lagging behind” their peers. In addition, it needs to strengthen its governing body and thereby increase the challenge made to school leaders.

Ms Garland said, “Our Governors are determined to lead our improvement; they are hugely supportive of the work that takes place to develop successful Brimsham learners, and they challenge me and other leaders to work with a sense of urgency and ambition for our school.”

Teaching is also improving, feedback is consistent and “pupils are provided with practical, meaningful advice that leads them to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of their work,” the report said.

Ofsted said teaching assistants were being employed more effectively to help pupils.

Parents are “consulted more frequently” on leadership decisions, and parent forums provide feedback to the school. Generally, parents are more involved with the work of the school.

Ms Garland said: “The report contains many positive statements but, for us, the concluding statement shows that our vision for Brimsham has become a reality.”

The report ends by praising the “warm, inclusive ‘feel’ of the school, which encourages pupils to strive for success”.