Call for change in gun laws after cat is shot three times

July 30 2019
Call for change in gun laws after cat is shot three times

A YATE woman whose cat has been shot three times in three years will campaign for a change in gun licensing laws.

Liz Jenkins wants to see new restrictions after her cat was attacked for the third time this summer.

Under the current law, anyone over 18 can own an air rifle without a licence, although the owner must only use it where they have permission to shoot.

But Liz wants to change that and plans to start a petition to bring in licensing.

She also plans to unite owners in her area to guard against more attacks after finding that there were more victims nearby.

Liz said: “I feel really quite helpless but I think I have got to get something positive out of this.

"Apart from moving house, which will definitely happen at some point, I’m going to get a petition going on the gun laws, and I’m also going to start a pet watch in Yate, a little bit like a neighbourhood watch, on social media.

I’ve always been an active member of the RSPCA, I’ve always volunteered for them, I’m really big on animal welfare. I’m going to start this I can’t let this drop. I can’t rest on my laurels I need to up the ante.”

Liz said her cat, known as Woowoo, was first shot in May and June of 2017. On the first occasion she came home "looking as if she’d seen a ghost" and only able to drag herself across the floor. Liz took her to a vet, who gave her antibiotics, but the pellet was not found. On the second time, Woowoo came home with a scratch and it seemed to have something under her skin, but it was not until a few months later, when the cat had an unconnected illness, that Liz took her back to the vet and two air rifle pellets were found in her back and shoulder.

The third incident happened in June this year and was discovered by Liz when her cat screamed in pain as she picked her up.

The pellet was found using an x-ray and the vet removed it.

Liz has made her own enquiries and discovered that four other people near her in Brockworth have had similar experiences.

Police are appealing for information.

A spokesperson said: “On June 8 we received a report of criminal damage relating cat which had been shot with an air rifle on Brockworth, Yate.

"Officers have conducted house to house enquiries but have so far been unable to establish the person responsible."

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote the crime reference number 5219 127 761.

Picture: Liz Jenkins with Woowoo. Photo courtesy of Rich McD Photography