Council claims success over new small bin collection regime

June 28 2018

South Gloucestershire Council says recycling has increased and landfill is down a year after it introduced weekly collections and smaller black bins.

Since weekly recycling collections began in June 2017, an extra 3,644 tonnes of recyclables have been collected, a 14 per cent increase.

Since the smaller black wheelie bins were rolled out over 12 weeks from January 2018, and has resulted in 3,350 tonnes less waste being thrown away, a 16 per cent reduction.

A council spokesman said: “While some experienced some inevitable teething issues with changes to the service, the overwhelming majority are now sorting their recyclables effectively and with a renewed focus on recycling more, putting less in their smaller black bins.”

“We found that 52 per cent of the average households black bin rubbish could actually be recycled from home. Putting recycling in the black bin increases costs, affects our recycling rates, and wastes valuable resources.”

Councillor Paul Hughes, Cabinet Member for Communities and Tourism, said: “I want to thank residents and our staff who have contributed to the success of our new approach so far.”

“Our waste collection services are among the most visible that the council provides; it is one of those things that we do that everyone takes part in. We have learned a few lessons along the way, but public engagement has been constructive and the way the community has played its part has helped to ensure the success we can all share in now.”