Council proposes scrapping recycling bags

November 28 2018

South Gloucestershire Council wants to stop providing white and green bags for recycling and replace them with green boxes. The council says making the change would save £100,000 a year.

It has launched a consultation on the proposal, with residents able to have their say until 25 January.

Cabinet Member for Communities and Tourism Cllr Paul Hughes said: “This change has been proposed for a number of reasons, the main ones being that the current bags are not biodegradable and plastic fragments are released into the environment as the bags deteriorate, they also need to be replaced regularly and are currently sourced from overseas. Removing the bags from the service could save us around £100,000 a year and the boxes also last far longer.”

“We will continue to support those residents who cannot physically manage the boxes, through our assisted collection service where the crews collect and return the containers to an agreed point.”

Extra recycling boxes are provided free of charge.  Any bags already in use can continue to be used, but would be replaced by boxes when the bags deteriorate.

The proposals can be found on the council’s website, or a paper copy of the survey can be picked up from from libraries and One Stop Shops.

A decision will be made by March 2019.