Council to hire out its staff in the face of further cutbacks

August 01 2018

The cabinet of South Gloucestershire Council has decided to raise money by working in the private sector, as it also makes cuts in its annual spending.

The move comes as it faces cutbacks of £19.4m  from its budget, as funding from central government continues to fall.  The budget has already been reduced by £80m since 2011. 

The council has established a ‘Council Transformation and Savings Programme’ (CTSP), to make savings over the next four years as well as changing the way the authority works

Leader of the Council, Toby Savage, said: “We are proud of the high-quality services that residents tell us we deliver, but we know we can be more cost-effective. There is best-practice we can learn from elsewhere and with the help of our dedicated staff, we can meet our goals by changing some of what we do and how we do it.”

The CTSP outlines how the council can generate income without having to rely on residents and businesses paying more.  It says it has staff with expertise which could be offered to the private sector. It is also looking at  alternative uses for surplus land which it owns. 

With increasing demand within adult and children’s social services, the council wants to provide more capacity in local care provision and reduce its reliance on the most expensive residential care settings. 

Leader of the Council, Toby Savage, said: “Where there are potential impacts, for residents or for staff, to the way services are delivered or peoples’ work for the council, we will of course consult with them. Their input and ideas will be taken into account as we are presented with options and decisions in the future.”

“The most important thing is that we are planning now to make savings in the future. By taking the time to plan and do the work for the future, we avoid the need to make sudden cuts like other councils have been forced to do.”