COVID-19: How to survive

March 31 2020
COVID-19: How to survive

Advice from Abbotswood Pharmacy

THE backdrop is very worrying. Cases of the coronavirus have been rising and, sadly, deaths too.

With panic, the legendary British reserve has been cast aside, bringing amusement, shock and disappointment, from stockpiling loo rolls and stealing hand sanitisers from hospitals to the selfish overbuying of food.

Why this meltdown? Fear. It is revealing the worst of our flawed survival instincts.

But when the story is told of how we prevailed, it is not those sitting on the towers of loo roll who will be remembered. It will be our community effort – all of us doing our best for each other.

We will all be significantly inconvenienced and made poorer for the collective good, but we must rally around those self-isolating with practical and emotional support, especially the elderly and vulnerable in our community. Not helping would be our greatest collective failure.

With schools and nurseries closed, families are under a lot of strain. To secure our societal values, we must show our children how family and community inclusiveness entails sacrifice. Maybe get them asking ‘How can I help’?

NHS colleagues, like the Abbotswood Pharmacy team, will face multiple risks of catching the very infection others are avoiding and our families and loved ones will be exposed as a result. But we will never leave anyone uncared for.

To pass this coronavirus test, we must all follow the government’s advice. We must support and pray for each other. Be socially responsible – not panic buying but offering kindness and compassion. Sign up to provide help, at online or with local Facebook groups.

Finally, we must show gratitude to others, especially when their actions are keeping us well and safe. Do not let this virus become a fatal moral infection.

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Photo: Ade Williams of Abbotswood Pharmacy has been offering advice to BBC viewers.