Dave is walking again after lung transplant

February 27 2019
Dave is walking again after lung transplant

A CHEF who was taken seriously ill before Christmas is walking again after his lung transplant was successful.

Dave Lawrence’s partner Shamsi Kabbara says he’s set himself a deadline of just one week to recover and get back home.

She describes him as “my smiling superstar, Dave the brave.”

Dave worked at Chipping Sodbury Mexican restaurant Amigos, and his life changed dramatically when he was told he needed a lung transplant and then shortly afterwards lost his job. His wife Shamsi Kabbara, who has health issues of her own, has had to be with him almost all the time at Southmead Hospital and then at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Her mum has looked after their 12 year old daughter Yasmin.

Dave was fortunate that after his assessment at the QEH, he was on the transplant waiting list for just 5 days.

Shamsi said: “Dave is doing remarkably well. He’s had a few set backs but it’s still very early days and everyone has told us they are to be expected.

We wouldn’t be here right now without the wonderful staff working within the NHS, the critical care team, the transplant team but most importantly, the amazing donor and their family.

We are eternally grateful for them giving us a second chance and we are truly humbled by their generosity. Please all sign the organ donation register and make your wishes known to your loved ones. One donor can help 9 recipients and what a difference you could make to not only the recipient but their family too.”

Dave Lawrence and Shamsi Kabbara

 Dave Lawrence and Shamsi Kabbara in Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Dave has managed to walk around the ward, which is approximately 40 metres. Not long ago he struggled to walk 48 metres and took about 45 minutes to recover. He no longer needs oxygen.

Shamsi has had support from the Chipping Sodbury community ever since Dave fell ill, and to keep people up to date she has started a Facebook blog called ‘What a difference a Dave makes’.

On the page she writes in a personal heartfelt way about their experience, saying: “It’s just the beginning of his recovery, but already, he’s amazing the transplant team and critical care team. That’s my Dave! This is still only day five post-transplant and I’m astounded by how quickly they’ve got him up and doing things.”

The online gofundme page which the community set up to help the couple pay their rent has raised just over £7,000 out of its £8,000 total. It can be found at bit.ly/2Ej0CMv.


Top picture shows Dave Lawrence in hospital after his lung transplant.