December 2018: Your Local MP

November 28 2018

Getting the buses right is a priority

The new Lynx Bus services have seen some improvements; however many residents have been let down during the first couple of months, and we know the services are still not perfect. 

We know that sorting out our transport infrastructure, especially in the context of new housing, is a huge issue for Yate and Chipping Sodbury. And the results from the Big Yate Survey gave me the evidence and ammunition to make the case.

I have since met with First Bus to raise the issues you have raised to ensure bus services can continue to improve to serve our community better. It was positive. First were receptive to the problems that have occurred during the implementation of the new services and want to make improvements to address Yate and Chipping Sodbury resident’s concerns.

One of the problems I raised with First is the connection issue between the Y1 and the Y6, which often sees residents taking the Y6 into Yate bus station and then missing the Y1 to Southmead by 5 minutes. This results in those accessing hospital services having to sit and wait around for the next bus. First were optimistic about being able to solve this issue and as I will keep pushing them to deliver a resolution as soon as possible.

The second issue we discussed in detail was the lack of a direct connection between South Yate and Downend, which is vital for residents to get GP appointments at the Abbotswood sister GP practice in Downend.

We also need to see better performance from First Bus regarding the cancellations of some services. Too many people have been forced to wait in the rain only to find the bus isn’t coming at all - making people late for hospital appointments, to meet friends or family, or just left out in the cold.

We have received an apology, and an assurance that this uptake in cancelled services was due to their driver training programme not being delivered on time, and that this is now solved. 

There is a still a lot to do. We need better road and rail infrastructure to accommodate the needs of our two growing and vibrant towns. We also need high standard bus services to match that. Please do keep raising your concerns with me, so I can put pressure on the operators to get something done. As a Yate resident, whose family uses these local services, and as the local MP, I know we can push for more. Please never hesitate to get in touch;