Di pedals through the pain barrier to raise cash for charity

January 30 2018

“One of the spin instructors at the centre cycled with me for the last hour and that really helped me to push through it.


FIREFIGHTER Di Clack raised more than £1,600 for two charities after completing a tough 12-hour cycling challenge.

Di, 41, of Chipping Sodbury, has worked for Avon Fire and Rescue Service for 13 years and was encouraged during the effort by a number of supporters pedalling with her for shorter periods.

Throughout the day, more than 100 people turned up at Yate’s leisure centre - now known as Yate Active Lifestyle Centre - to cycle with her in a new group cycle studio within the complex. 

It is estimated that between them all, they cycled the equivalent of 2,500km - more than 1,500 miles - with Di pedalling up to 200km - about 120 miles - on her bike alone.

She said: “The last hour was a real struggle as my legs completed seized up.


“One of the spin instructors at the centre cycled with me for the last hour and that really helped me to push through it.

“When it was finally over, I felt very emotional and so very grateful to everyone who played a part in making this event happen.

“I’d never done anything like this before so it was rather overwhelming.”

With the final total still rising, some of the money raised will go to Brain Tumour Research, a charity chosen because a close friend of Di, who is also a Godmother to her son, has faced a challenging time due to having a tumour diagnosed in 2015.

The other share will go to the Fire Fighters Charity, which has supported Di and here colleagues after injuries and illnesses.

Di was helped to prepare for her challenge by staff at the leisure centre over six months, training up to five times a week using a range of its equipment. 

She said: “I’m planning to break the world record for the furthest distance travelled on a spin bike by a female in 60 minutes once I’ve recuperated from this challenge, so I’m sure the centre hasn’t heard the last of me yet.”

Andy Lathall, the centre’s assistant manager, said: “When Di asked for our support in organising this event, we were delighted to help her out. 

“The community rallied round Di to help with the challenge and we were proud to be a part of it. We look forward to supporting her with any future challenges she pursues.” 

Di can be emailed at Di.clack@yahoo.co.uk by anyone who wants to support her fundraising.