Eastwood Park Prison performance "of concern”, but Leyhill shines

September 12 2018

By Joseph Hook, Data Reporter

The performance of Eastwood Park Prison is of concern to government inspectors, reflecting rising levels of assault on staff and prisoners within the institution.

A newly-released report from the Ministry of Justice shows that the female prison was given the rating "performance is of concern" for 2017-18. It represents a downgrade on the previous year, when inspectors said the prison was meeting most of its targets.

The report showed that the rate of violent attacks in the prison had increased compared to 2016-17, reflecting a long-term trend.

There were 121 prisoner-on-prisoner attacks recorded in Eastwood Park throughout 2017, around six times the number recorded in 2012. There were also 73 assaults on staff recorded in 2017, compared to six in 2012.

Nationally, prisons were given higher ratings on average, but the Ministry of Justice said outcomes were not directly comparable with previous years due to a change in the framework. Issues with data reporting have meant that the extent of assault and self-harm in institutions may not historically have been fully recorded.

Despite the rate of cases of self-harm in Eastwood Park decreasing in the year to 2017-18, it followed years in which it has become much more common in the institution.

Leyhill Prison faired much better, being rated as "exceptional" by government inspectors.

The male open prison was given the highest possible performance rating for 2017-18. It represents an improvement on the previous year, when inspectors said the prison was only meeting the majority of its targets.