Election preview: Boyd Valley

April 30 2019
Election preview: Boyd Valley

Two seats are up for grabs in the Boyd Valley ward, so you get two votes. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, with pictures and quotes added for those candidates who have supplied them.

Nigel Goldsmith, Labour

Philippa Marsden, Liberal Democrat:

Philippa Marsden

A former Army Officer who now works in the Defence Sector, Philippa lived in Marshfield before moving to Engine Common with her wife and their dog, Rosie. She loves calling South Glos her home and wants to help shape a better future for Boyd Valley.


Steve Reade, Conservative:

Steve Reade

Over the past 8 years as a Councillor for Boyd Valley, I have campaigned to protect the Green Belt from inappropriate development. I passionately believe in fairness for all and that everyone should have a voice and the opportunity to say what they believe and work tirelessly to deliver that aim. I will not promise something I cannot deliver.


Ben Stokes, Conservative:

Ben Stokes

As a former Army Captain, I know the meaning of hard work and the commitment to the people I represent and am always willing to voice your concerns on the Council.

I have served as a Councillor for Boyd Valley for the past 8 years, and for the past 10 years on Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council. In 2017, I was also appointed Cabinet Member for Adults Care.


Nick Valentine, Liberal Democrat Focus Team:

Nick Valentine

Former TV journalist Nick lives and works in Pucklechurch as a web content editor and writer. He believes in working together for a greener, fairer and kinder country. That includes political reform at every level and genuine local democracy, starting by restoring people’s rights to speak at planning site visits.

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