First aid accolade for rural nursery

April 30 2018

A QUALITY mark for nurseries has been awarded to Pumpkins in Badminton to recognise its first aid and safety of children.

The Millie’s Mark is given to nurseries where all staff are trained in paediatric first aid.

It is awarded by the National Day Nurseries Association in conjunction with the Department for Education and Millie’s Trust.

The trust has campaigned for all staff to have paediatric first aid training, as opposed to the Ofsted requirement of one first aider present at all times.

Amanda Wallis, who runs the nursery, said: “Set in a rural community, it is essential that all of our staff have the skills and confidence to administer life saving treatment should the need arise.”

To celebrate their achievement, Pumpkins held an “In the Pink” week where children and staff dressed in pink and took part in first aid-related activities such as practising bandaging and mending Humpty Dumpty.