Flood barrier test for Chipping Sodbury

October 29 2019
Flood barrier test for Chipping Sodbury

THE Environment Agency is testing out potential flood defences for Chipping Sodbury.

The agency will instal temporary barriers to see if it would be viable to use them along the riverside footpath on St John’s Way in the event of flooding.

The organisation’s flood mapping shows that the town is at risk from rising floodwater and this is expected to increase with climate change. It says a permanent barrier is not financially viable, but a temporary one might help to protect up to 30 homes by the river on St John’s Way, Manor Way and Vayre Close.

The 400m long barrier, which is a portable metal frame with a waterproof barrier and can be installed quickly, will be put in place on the morning of November 13 at 9.30am.

The Frome Valley Walkway at St John’s Way will be diverted for the duration of the test.

Environment Agency staff will be available until 3pm to answer any questions and to advise generally on flood prevention methods.

An agency spokesperson said: “Temporary flood barriers can reduce the impact of flooding in communities, however they are not effective in every situation.

"We cannot guarantee that they will always be deployed to a location at risk of flooding. We strongly advise that people continue to prepare and take action to reduce the impact of flooding to homes and businesses.”

The last major floods in the town were recorded in 2000 and 1968.