Fly-tipping in South Gloucestershire up by over half

November 28 2018

There are four fly-tipping incidents every day on average in South Gloucestershire, figures show.

Harriet Clugston, Data Reporter   

Data released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has revealed the scale of the "epidemic" facing councils across the country, with almost 1 million incidents recorded in England in 2017-18.

In South Gloucestershire, there were 1,617 fly-tipping incidents in the 12 months to March.

This was an increase of   57% from five years ago, when there were 1,027.

Across England, fly-tipping increased by 40% over the same period.

Tipping incidents in South Gloucestershire most commonly involved single items or bags of rubbish, rather than larger volumes of waste.

The most common type of waste dumped in South Gloucestershire was household waste, which accounted for 688 incidents, followed by black bags of household rubbish and construction or DIY waste.

The majority of fly-tipping sites - 91% of them - were on roads.

Clearing up the rubbish and taking action against perpetrators is estimated to have cost the council around £89,100 last year.

Councils can take a range of actions against fly-tipping, from sending warning letters to launching prosecutions.

Despite the rise in fly-tipping, the number of actions being taken against perpetrators in South Gloucestershire has fallen from 302 in 2012-13 to 249 last year.

These included launching 143 investigations and sending out 84 warning letters.

It also carried out eight prosecutions, up from five five years ago.

Of these prosecutions, seven resulted in a fine and one in community service.

The fines issued by the courts amounted to £1,870, with a biggest single penalty of between £200 and £500.