From Kosovo to Chipping Sodbury

December 22 2018

Members of the Art Society Severn Valley who meet monthly in Chipping Sodbury have enjoyed a talk by Elizabeth Gowling, a lecturer, teacher and charity worker who has worked with people from under privileged minorities in Kosovo.

Elizabeth spent time with the Ashkali minority people who live in the slums near the capital city of Prishtina. She helped set up schools for children and workshops for parents to help them earn more money.  Their main employment was sorting through rubbish tips for metal and objects they could sell on. 

The focus of the talk was about the history of the silver filigree work. Silver mining is one of Kosovo’s main industries. Ingots are turned into wire which is made into jewellery and art. The skills required are now dying out. 

The Arts Society Severn Valley meets in the town hall in Chipping Sodbury every third Monday of the month. It also arranges trips and days of special interest.  For more information go to the website