Funding sought for permanent traffic lights at A46 junction

May 29 2018

South Gloucestershire Council is bidding for funding for permanent traffic lights at the A46 Bath Road crossroads with Acton Turville Road and the B4465.

Lights had been installed to help with diverted traffic whilst the Bromley Health viaduct works were taking place, but they were removed as planned once it was completed. 

However, local residents reported that the temporary lights had significantly reduced the risk of collisions, and wanted them back. 

Campaigner Rob Cole said: "I have found they have eased the difficulty of using the junction quite considerably.

“Turning right onto the A46 from the B4465 is much easier and, because traffic now flows, so is turning left onto the A46."

Over 500 people signed a petition, initiated by the council’s Liberal Democrats. Councillor Claire Young, the group’s leader, said; “Residents have put up with the danger posed by crossing or joining the A46 for far too long. The improvement brought by the temporary lights really brought that to people’s attention.

“Similar junctions across South Gloucestershire are controlled by traffic lights and have been for a long time. My petition calls on the Council to work with Highways England to install a system that can give those residents back the safety they gained from the temporary lights but phased properly to avoid causing delays on what is an important route.”

An email exchange between the local MP Luke Hall, and Mark King, Head of Street Care and Transport at South Gloucestershire Council, confirms that funding is being sought from the West of England Combined Authority to carry out further investigations into permanent lights.  

But the email also says that Highways England, who are responsible for the motorways, would have to agree to this.  It suggests that they may have concerns about a possible negative impact on the flow of traffic at Junction 18 of the M4.