Have your say on 'potentially dangerous' Yate underpass

November 25 2019
Have your say on 'potentially dangerous' Yate underpass

PEOPLE are being asked to have their say on the future of a Yate underpass which is blighted by dumped rubbish, drinking and drug-taking.

South Gloucestershire Council is asking people to have their say over the future of the subway under Kennedy Way, next to Yate Shopping Centre.

The authority is holding a consultation before deciding whether to bring in a Public Spaces Protection Order to close the underpass off – and eventually even fill it in.

Announcing the consultation, the council said: "The underpass attracts anti-social behaviour, resulting in it being littered with broken glass and drug related litter. This makes it unpleasant, and potentially dangerous for people to use."

South Gloucestershire and Yate town councillor John Gawn, above, brought the state of the concrete walkway under Kennedy Way, to the attention of the council after a number of complaints from residents about anti-social behaviour.

He visited the subway, which links South Parade at Yate Shopping Centre to a path leading to Sundridge Park, and took photos, which he then showed to officers.

John said: “They were surprised just how bad it was. I then arranged a meeting with them, along with some residents and a representative from the police.

The consensus of opinion, not only of the residents, public in general and the police was to completely do away with the underpass altogether, as there are two crossings nearby.

"South Glos have done a survey to show that this underpass is not used except for drinking and drug dealing.”

The proposal is to make a Public Spaces Protection Order to shut off the underpass with a gate and fill it in when funds are available.

People are being asked to fill in a survey saying how often they use the underpass, whether closing it would cause them any problems and whether they use the nearby surface crossings.

If the underpass is shut the council hopes people with disabilities who currently use it to avoid traffic would be able to use the puffin crossing on the road itself, which adapts to the speed of the person using it.

There would be no increased costs in the long term, in fact the council says it would benefit, as street cleaning would cost less.

Residents can comment on the council’s online public consultation page until December 4.

Comments can also be made by calling 01454 868154 or emailing Freepost Plus RTXL-YHGY-GSYS, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Consultation Team, Council Offices, Badminton Road, Yate, BRISTOL, BS37 5AF.