Help for domestic abuse victims in South Glos

October 03 2017

NEW services to help the victims of domestic abuse in South Gloucestershire have been launched.

NEW services to help the victims of domestic abuse in South Gloucestershire have been launched.

Provided by Next Link, they include safe houses for women with children, single women and men and women with complex needs.

Advisers on domestic and sexual violence are also available through outreach services, at Southmead Hospital’s A&E department and within the maternity service.

There is training for all GP surgeries in the district and a range of support, including a group work scheme, available.

Carol Metters, the chief executive of Next Link, said: “It is estimated that 6,000 victims experience domestic abuse in South Gloucestershire each year.

“Domestic violence remains a significant problem for many individuals. More than 290 South Gloucestershire residents were recognised as being ‘at high risk of serious harm or death’ from domestic violence in 2015.

“We know that victims who receive help do go on to have safe fulfilling lives. It is important that professionals and victims know what help there is available.”

Women are more likely to be abused, to report abuse and to be killed by their partners.

Reported figures show that in a random group of 16 mothers, there is likely to be one who experienced domestic abuse last year. For single mothers, it is one in four and for fathers, it is one in 24.

In England and Wales, two women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner, with domestic violence accounting for nearly a quarter of all violent crime. Some 30 per cent of domestic abuse starts during pregnancy.

On average, a woman will be assaulted by her partner or ex-partner 35 times before reporting it to the police and in nearly all incidents - 90 per cent - involving domestic abuse, children are in the same or adjoining room. 

It is also reported that one in seven children and young people under the age of 18 will have lived with domestic violence at some point in their childhood. 

Anyone experiencing domestic abuse or who is concerned about someone can contact Next Link on 0800 4700 280.