Iron Acton gym staff are working out to save a life

May 29 2019
Iron Acton gym staff are working out to save a life

STAFF at a gym in Iron Acton have been raising money to have a defibrillator installed on the business park where they are based.

Employees at SG23 Fitness want all companies at Backfield Farm to have access to it and believe it could save a life. The closest at the moment is a few miles away, in Rangeworthy.

They need to raise a total of £2,400, including VAT, to pay for a defibrillators and a weatherproof cabinet for it to be stored in.

So far the staff have organised various fundraising events including a quiz night and a fitness event called 'The Battle', where dozens of members compete against each other to win, raising £890 so far.

One of the team, Lynn Rubery, ran the Bristol 10k, raising £520. SG23 Fitness has also donated, bringing the total to £1,920 so far.

Scott Dann from SG23 Fitness said: “The idea for a defibrillator has come about through our awareness, as health and fitness professionals, that cardiac issues can arise at any time and, when they do, they need immediate attention to keep the patient alive.

We are incredibly proud of our members and staff for putting so much effort into fundraising for this worthwhile cause. Defibrillators have the power to save lives and we believe there should be access to one in every public area. It means so much to us to be able to provide this potential lifeline for our members and the local community.

Many of our staff and members have loved ones with heart conditions too. According to the British Heart Foundation, for every minute that it takes someone to locate a defibrillator, there’s a 10% reduction in survival rate. If we can do anything to contribute to the saving of lives then we feel this is a very worthwhile investment.”

The fundraisers hope to reach their target by the end of June.