Iron lung comes to Yate Shopping Centre

November 28 2018
Iron lung comes to Yate Shopping Centre

An ‘iron lung’ is coming to Yate in an effort to raise awareness of polio.

The lung will be in Yate on 13 and 14 December, organised by Yate Rotary.  The club is committed to efforts to eradicate polio around the world and hopes to raise funds towards immunisation programmes. 

The iron lung was originally used to prolong the lives of people who had polio. From the 1940s to the 1960s the only way that sufferers were able to breath was inside an iron lung which provided negative pressure inside a steel drum. 

People spent their whole lives inside. As medical practices became more advanced, people would have a hole made in their windpipe, with a tube fixed to a ventilator pump. 

There is already a contribution in the town by Yate residents to the Polio awareness campaign. Purple crocuses spell out ‘No Polio’ on the grass island on the corner of Westerleigh Road and Station Road. The flowers are purple because when a child is immunised their finger is dipped in purple dye.  

Yate Rotary has been involved in raising awareness for many years. The international Rotary movement aims to eradicate the disease. It mainly affects children under 5 years old and there is no cure.