Lib Dems unveil new Yate mayor and thank voters

May 16 2019
Lib Dems unveil new Yate mayor and thank voters

LIBERAL Democrats have thanked voters who reelected them to Yate Town Council.

Voting took place at the same time as the elections to South Gloucestershire Council, and the Lib Dems added all 17 town council seats to the five they won on the unitary authority. You can find the full results here

They are now inviting residents to make suggestions to add to the council’s four-year plan of action for the town.

Chris Willmore, one of the party's nine successful candidates in North ward, said: "We are so grateful to local residents for their vote of confidence in our work and for re-electing us all. As a team we can now get on with the task of working together with residents to improve our town.”

Karl Tomasin was elected the new Yate mayor, and Cheryl Kirby his deputy, at the first town council meeting after the elections.

Karl, who has lived in Yate since 1992, said: “We are so lucky as a town to have people willing to volunteer to work for their community, unpaid as town councillors, and as members of so many community groups, friends groups and organisations. I want to thank everyone who volunteers in our town and to use my term of office to help them.”

He said new initiatives being started at the suggestion of new councillors Jane Price, Sandra and John Emms included a well-being group to help improve mental health support across the town and new traffic and transport initiatives.

Anyone with ideas or suggestions for the council’s four-year plan of action for the town can email

In Sodbury Town Council’s North East ward, five seats were up for election. The three Lib Dems who stood, Brenda Allen, Linda Boon and Adrian Rush, were the first three elected, ahead of Tories James Ball and Roy Smith. Conservatives Steve Tubby, Susan Leese and Becky Romaine missed out.

There were no elections in Sodbury Town Council’s Old Sodbury and South West wards. As there were not enough candidates to force a contest when nominations closed in April, all those people who had come forward were elected unopposed.

In Old Sodbury ward, Tories Scott Gibson and Marian Gilpin, and independent Phil Rumney were elected. In South West ward, independent Linda Banister and Conservatives Gill Dyer, Christopher Hays, Dave Jeal and Matt Lewis were also elected.

It means the Conservatives have a majority on Sodbury Town Council, despite the Lib Dems topping the poll in the only contested election.

Parish councils in the area where all candidates were elected unopposed were Cromhall, Dodington, Falfield, Horton, Iron Acton, and Rangeworthy.