Linked village needs help after coronavirus hits food supplies

July 26 2020
Linked village needs help after coronavirus hits food supplies

A GROUP set up to foster links between Yate and an African village says residents there need urgent help to buy food.

The coronavirus lockdown in The Gambia has left people short of food as they have no welfare state to fall back on in times of crisis. People have been left with no work, no money to buy food, and the government has only been able to send one consignment of food to each village in rural areas in four months.

Residents of Genieri, which has a 25-year community link with Yate, have called on the town for help.

Yate-Genieri Link chairman Marian Gilpin said: "With no National Insurance, no unemployment benefit, no pensions, no savings and no charitable food banks, the villagers have absolutely nothing.

"So far we have been able to save the village from starvation, but still more is needed as their recovery from lockdown has not even begun.

"The situation is dire – and the Yate Community is linked with this village. Surely we must help!"

In April, the link committee used its reserve funds to send money for enough rice for half of the village, which lasted 10 days, then started an appeal which enabled it to send a second consignment.

But the supply is now exhausted and people are being asked to donate to a help buy more vital supplies, with an online appeal at

Picture: Children in Genieri