Minor Injuries Unit employs extra triage nurse to cope with demand

June 28 2018

Demand for services at the minor injuries unit in Yate increased by over 20 per cent during April and May this year compared to last year, triggering an increase in staff to cope with demand.

Sirona Care and Health which runs the unit has now funded an additional nurse to help with the increase. 

Carrie Wedgwood, Head of Adult and Specialist Services for Sirona, said: “We aim to always have a triage nurse on duty when we are open and Sirona has funded an additional Emergency Care Practitioner on Mondays (or the day after bank holidays) which are traditionally very busy.”

“We know and share the view of local people that Yate MIU is a highly valued service and we are committed to ensuring it continues to thrive, complementing the range of services provided by General Practices, local Pharmacists and hospital emergency departments.  We aim to always have a triage nurse on duty when we are open. We have full details on what we can and cannot treat on display at the unit and on our website www.sirona-cic.org.uk.”

South Gloucestershire Lib Dem Group Leader, Claire Young, said: “I hope this new initiative will improve things for staff and patients as they are in desperate need of extra resources.”

Local Lib Dem Heath spokesperson Councillor Sue Hope said: “We will continue to lobby for extra resources for Yate, as the service there is so popular.  We need even more services to be provided out of Yate now people know the facilities are there.”