Please don’t feed Molly the Tesco cat

February 26 2019
Please don’t feed Molly the Tesco cat

SHE’S something of a celebrity with shoppers and even has a following on Facebook.

But the owner of a cat which has stolen shoppers’ hearts at the huge Tesco store in Yate says there is a downside to her fame.

So many people are feeding Molly that her owner fears she will decide not to come back home.

Grey and white cat Molly (above) adopted Yate shopping centre as her second home about four years ago, then two years ago she moved location, spending most of her time in the car park under Tesco.

Her owner, who has asked not to be named, set up the Facebook page to track Molly’s adventures after she started staying away from home for longer periods of time, and more than 1,400 people follow it.

Her owner said: “She probably just likes the attention! She gets everybody coming to her, she likes hunting pigeons. She waits for people to press the button so she can cross the road safely from Tesco to the Riverside.”


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But some people who come across Molly think she is lost or a stray. She has been taken to the vets four times by people worried about her safety.

But the biggest concern is that because she is being fed, she will never come back home for good.

Molly’s owner said: “People are feeding her everything from cat food and treats to cooked meat – over Christmas I was told staff had stopped four people in 20 minutes feeding her.”

Molly likes nothing better than to curl up in a trolley in the foyer, looking cute, and shoppers stop to take selfies with her.

But although her owner brings her home a couple of times a week, Molly never stops long. She now has a collar which says “do not feed me” and her owner says she wants to word to be spread that Molly has a loving home to return to.

You can follow Molly on Facebook.