Neighbours 'are worried someone will be killed' using short cut

May 05 2021
Neighbours 'are worried someone will be killed' using short cut

A HUGE hole in a hedge separating homes from a busy road and a roundabout in Yate is dangerous, residents say.

The gap, which is next to homes in Rodborough, was made by a car driven off the roundabout junction for Westerleigh Road, Shire Way and Rodford Way.

Despite the council filling it in four times, repairs have been broken down and to create an opening which is being used as part of a short cut.

The speed limit on the roads is 40mph and 30mph at the roundabout, but resident Jackie Crespin says it is a "high-speed junction," with cars travelling fast because "all roads leading to it are straight".

Jackie said: “The council has filled the gap in four times now and every time it has been broken down by joggers, walkers and cyclists.

"I have personally seen a dog drag a child through the gap – fortunately no one was hurt, but eventually there will be a fatality there.

"Neighbours are very worried that someone will be killed.

"It's not the councils fault – it is the lazy vandals who will not walk a few yards to a proper crossing gap.”

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “We are investigating so we can determine if any repairs are required.

"We continue to advise the public to stick to public footpaths wherever possible and not be tempted to take short-cuts which could be unsafe.”