New cycle lanes will link Yate to ring road

March 31 2021
New cycle lanes will link Yate to ring road

NEW cycle lanes are on the way to link Yate to the Avon Ring Road.

Building the route will involve creating some new lanes and widening some stretches of existing cycle lanes on the A432 Badminton Road, at the expense of cars and other vehicles.

Brand new sections of cycle lane will be installed at Coalpit Heath (pictured), where there are none currently, while others will be widened to 2 metres (6ft 6in) and raised above the level of the road.

The work will also involve lowering the speed limit on some stretches of the main road into Yate from 40mph to 30mph.

Work is due to start this month on the scheme, which aims to both improve safety for existing cyclists and encourage people who work or visit Yate to consider cycling as an alternative to driving.

Council cabinet member for regeneration, environment and strategic infrastructure Steve Reade said: “We want to do all we can to encourage sustainable transport options, for both commuting and leisure, so that we can continue to improve our environment, air quality and people’s health and well-being."

The first stage of the project will on the A432 between Nibley Lane and Coalpit Heath

The first section to be built, between Coalpit Heath and Nibley Lane, will involve replacing the cycle lanes with new 2m wide tracks, raised between the road and footpath level, to providea separated route for cyclists.

The current 40mph limit for vehicles will be reduced to 30mph.

The next stages to be built will be between Coalpit Heath and the ring road to the south west and from Nibley Lane to Stover Road to the north east.

The final stretch to be completed will be along Badminton Road, through Coalpit Heath, where there is currently no marked cycle lane.

A consultation lasting just over two weeks was held last year, after controversial new cycle lanes were installed on Station Road.

The council's aim of having continuing the route past Yate Shopping Centre, towards Link Road and Kennedy Way, has been put on hold, because the cost of the work needed was too expensive for the Active Travel Fund which is paying for the changes.

Concerns had also been raised at the potential loss of right-turn lanes around the shopping centre car park which the plans would have involved.

Many Station Road traders and residents remain unconvinced about the lanes introduced there last year.

Tig Miller, of D.E.L.s café, says he has lost business because there is less parking and would prefer to see the cycle lanes removed completely, or amended so that traders and customers can park in some areas outside of the morning and evening rush hour.

South Gloucestershire and Yate town councillor John Gawn wants the council to reconsider a request for a two-way, off-road cycle path on one side of Station Road.

He said: “Local cyclists and Yate Town Council called for a two way off-road cycle path on the northern side of the road, leaving room for some parking on the other, but South Glos dismissed this. We think it would be safer for cyclists and help businesses and local people.”

The council has been working with transport charity Sustrans and is planning changes from thie month, which will include coloured surfacing at junctions, and is considering providing extra parking.