New Daisy May Cooper TV show filmed in Yate and Sodbury

July 28 2022
New Daisy May Cooper TV show filmed in Yate and Sodbury

NEVER mind Hollywood, Bollywood or even Pinewood - it was Abbotswood that makers of a new show starring Daisy May Cooper chose when they needed a location.

The Cotswolds-born actress, best known for writing and starring in BBC comedy This Country, and co-star Karl Pilkington were spotted by fans as they filmed a new comedy drama, called Rain Dogs.

Filming for the new BBC and HBO production even sparked reports of fly-tipping on Sodbury Common, as props were set up to film a scene for the series.

The film crew had set up broken sofas, old cars and fake street signs for filming.

Sodbury Mayor James Ball said he went to take a look after hearing about it.

He said: "The first I knew about the filming on Sodbury Common was when I had messages from concerned residents that something wasn't quite right, as there was a huge amount of discarded furniture left on the roadside.

"I drove up to the common to see what was going on and I spoke to a gentleman who was helping to set up the film set.

“It's good to know that Sodbury and Yate were both chosen as locations for this new series and I look forward to seeing it on the television later this year."

The TV production set on Sodbury Common. Picture: James Ball

Daisy May, 36, won a BAFTA TV Award for best female comedy performance in This Country.

In the new drama series she plays Costello Jones, a writer and single mother, and the head of a chaotic family.

She stars alongside Karl Pilkington, who worked with Ricky Gervais and in the comedy TV series An Idiot Abroad

They were both spotted in Abbotswood as they filmed in local streets and a house.

Yate resident and amateur photographer Sue Swanborough, who took pictures of Daisy May, said: "She really interacted with her fans, and had selfies taken.

"I felt she was a really nice person who was spending time with her fans.

“I was impressed how calm it was, how friendly and polite the crew and security were.

"I spoke to many people there and it was all friendly, and came away just impressed with how films are shot!”

Rain Dogs is an eight-part series based on the book Skint Estate by author Cash Carraway, and made by the producers of award-winning comedy Killing Eve, Sid Gentle Films.

The makers describe it as “a wild and punky tale of a mother’s love for her daughter, of deep-rooted and passionate friendships, and of brilliance thwarted by poverty and prejudice".

Top picture: Daisy May Cooper and Karl Pilkington drungi filming in Abbotswood, Yate. Picture: Sue Swanborough