New name for Yate secondary school as split from Ridings’ Federation approaches

June 27 2017

YATE International Academy will change its name when it is taken over by the Greenshaw Learning Trust in September.

YATE International Academy will change its name when it is taken over by the Greenshaw Learning Trust in September.

The secondary school will drop the “international” tag and be known as Yate Academy, while the primary and nursery phases incorporated within the organisation will be called Woodlands Primary and Woodlands Nursery.

The switch to the Greenshaw Learning Trust marks the end of Yate’s nine-year association with the Ridings’ Federation of Academies and its link with the federation’s Winterbourne International Academy.

The federation has gone through difficult times due to financial problems and getting poor Ofsted ratings for both Yate and Winterbourne schools. It also saw two consecutive chief executive principals leave after just months in the job.

It decided to look for a new sponsor and Greenshaw expressed interest in Yate alone, resulting in the split from the Ridings’ Federation. 

Yate’s principal, Paul Skipp, told parents that the academy had a bright future.

In a letter he said a lot of work had taken place since January to ensure the school was ready to join Greenshaw.

He said: “We believe this is an exciting time as the expertise, resources and support from the Greenshaw Trust will ensure the school carries on developing and secures the very best outcomes for our young people.”

He said although a minor change was proposed to the school name, its students and parents might have strong opinions for or against the proposal and he was keen to ensure the school had listened to their views. The school’s crest, which includes features that relate to its history, will remain in its current form.

The school uniform’s colour and style will also remain but will be updated over a period of time. Mr Skipp said parents would not be asked to contribute towards the cost of that change.

Greenshaw has also said it will provide free of charge a new blazer and jumper to all students in years 7-9  and a new jumper and tie to younger pupils.

Meanwhile, Mr Skipp said the school’s behaviour system was being revised.

He said: “Over the 18 months since I started as principal, many parents have noticed a significant improvement in behaviour. In one of the first newsletters home, I stated that I wanted to create a disruption free school, where ‘teachers can teach and students can learn’.

“Whilst behaviour has improved, there remains a very small minority of students that don’t always choose to stay on task, and can distract others. 

“Often this can be extremely frustrating to the vast majority of students who want to remain focussed. I am therefore going to revise our behaviour system, in order to further support focus in classrooms and continue to drive high expectations.”