New recycling scheme to keep plastic out of landfill

April 29 2019
New recycling scheme to keep plastic out of landfill

YATE’S biggest supermarket is taking part in a pilot scheme which will enable customers to stop some of the most difficult plastics to recycle from going into landfill.

Soft plastics, such as crisp packets, sweet wrappers, plastic film, pet food pouches and any type of plastic bag cannot currently be recycled by local councils.

But a firm in Swindon has come up with technology to solve the problem, and it’s working with Tesco to collect the plastics in some stores, including the Tesco Extra in East Walk.

The company, Recycling Technologies, has patented a process to turn these specific plastics back into oil, which can then be used to make new plastic items. The pilot scheme is part of Tesco’s efforts to make all its packing recyclable by 2025.

The Yate store is one of ten in the Bristol and Swindon areas chosen to take part.

Tesco director of quality Sarah Bradbury said: “Reducing and recycling plastics is such an important issue for us, for customers and for the future of our planet.

“This technology could be the final piece of the jigsaw for the UK plastic recycling industry.”

Recycling Technologies’ chief executive Adrian Griffiths said: “This initiative with Tesco is designed to show there are solutions to recover this important material. Our goal is to double the UK’s capacity to recycle plastic waste by 2027.”

Tesco believes that 83% of all its packing can already be recycled. If the pilot is successful and rolled out to all stores, it should be able to recycle around 90% of its own label packaging.