New Yate Aldi store delivery times extended despite fears 'clanging and banging' will disturb neighbours

January 10 2022
New Yate Aldi store delivery times extended despite fears 'clanging and banging' will disturb neighbours

A NEW Aldi store planned for Yate has had its morning and evening delivery hours extended before it even opens.

But councillors who granted the extra hours did not give the developer as many as it wanted because of concerns the “clanging and banging” from delivery lorries would disturb the next-door neighbours’ sleep.

South Gloucestershire Council approved plans in February last year allowing a discount food store to move into half of the B&Q building on Station Road, leaving the DIY store to trade from reduced space.

To prevent residents being disturbed at unsociable hours, deliveries were restricted to between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week.

But site owner Harmsworth Pension Funds Trustees later tried to extend them by 15 hours a week, saying Aldi needed to have fresh produce delivered earlier and later so it could “trade viably”.

After deferring their decision in October last year, members of a planning committee granted extended delivery hours this month but only gave the applicant four extra hours a week.

Harmsworth had applied for extended delivery hours of 7am to 9.30pm on Mondays to Saturdays, with Sundays kept to 8am to 8pm.

These hours were considered “reasonable” by council officers who recommended them for approval.

Planning agent Adrian Fox, who represented the applicant at last week’s planning meeting, said the extension sought was “modest” but “essential” for Aldi to “realistically compete” in Yate.

He said Harmsworth was offering to delay the first delivery on Mondays through Saturdays to 7.30am and to provide acoustic fencing around the delivery yard.

It would also have to abide by a delivery management plan to minimise noise from deliveries which would include a number of measures such as switching off lorry engines, Mr Fox said.

Yate Town Council, which objected to the application along with six local residents, asked for a number of conditions including requiring refrigeration in refrigerated lorries to be turned off before reaching the site.

Yate town councillor Chris Wilcox said: “We have houses that are right, literally within feet of where the refrigerated lorries will be unloading, with their refrigerator units running and all the clanging and banging and noise associated with delivery as well as.

“The refrigeration they’ve never had to put up with before.

“During the daytime, they’ve learned to live with deliveries. They’re going to have to learn to live with refrigerated lorries and all the noise that that makes. To say that’s okay at 7am when people are still asleep or at 9.30pm when your children are asleep is going too far.”

Neighbour Gary Whittington (pictured above) told the meeting: “Where they say they’re going to have up to two deliveries between seven and eight o’clock in the morning is just horrific.  

“The lorries actually pass within two to three metres of our house. 

“In the summer and spring, we can’t have our windows open because of deliveries. In the winter, we have headlights coming into our bedroom window when the lorries are actually reversing and pulling up. And now this is just going to get worse.

"I just can’t think that that could be reasonable, for an application to affect people’s lives in this way, and it will cause, unfortunately, psychological distress and anxiety to local residents.”  

The committee granted extended delivery hours, but limited them to between 7.30am and 9pm on Mondays to Saturday, and from 9am to 4pm on Sundays.

It made Harmsworth’s offer of acoustic fencing a condition of planning consent and said the delivery management plan must be agreed by the council in liaison with a local councillor. 

There are no restrictions on delivery hours to the B&Q site at present. The new hours will apply to both B&Q and Aldi once the budget supermarket opens, the meeting heard.

By Amanda Cameron, Local Democracy Reporting Service