Newts come out of hiding in Yate urban pond

March 22 2019
Newts come out of hiding in Yate urban pond

DOZENS of newts have come out of hiding in what could be Yate’s smallest nature reserve, a pond on the corner of Link Road and Kennedy Way.

They were responding to volunteers re-filling the pond with water, pumped from the river Frome next to the cinema, as part of an Avon Wildlife Trust project.

Ian Dove, chairman of the trust’s Southwold branch, said: “The effect of pumping the water in was quite remarkable. Within a few hours dozens of newts came out from hiding and gathered in small groups or paired off – hopefully we will have a lot more of these fascinating creatures this year.”

As well as making the pond deeper we’ve oxygenated the water, which no doubt encouraged their behaviour. We’ll probably get a lot more frogs as well, and various water insects have started to appear too.”

It is the first time the pond has been filled for eight years. The water was pumped by a contractor, paid for by a member-awarded funding grant from South Gloucestershire Council.

Councillor Ruth Davis said: “This project will help regenerate this part of the river Frome, which is a vital wildlife corridor through the built-up areas of Chipping Sodbury and Yate. I’m amazed that the results were visible so quickly. It’s a good example of how the council, local volunteers and landowners can work together to improve our environment.”

The pond is owned by Yate Shopping Centre, which is working alongside wildlife trust volunteers to manage it for the future.

Picture shows Ian Dove and Paul Hulbert of Avon Wildlife Trust Southwold Branch with Ruth Davis at the pond