New estate of 226 homes approved for North Yate

January 16 2019
New estate of 226 homes approved for North Yate

ANOTHER 226 homes will be built at the North Yate New Neighbourhood, despite fears drivers could speed through the estate.

Councillors approved Barratt Homes’ plans – but also raised concerns that the master plan for the four-hectare, 2,450-home development was being built out of order, with homes set to go up before the district centre.

The development will be made up of one, two, three and four-bed homes, 60 of which would be classed as affordable, which means they would be available for social rent or under shared-ownership schemes.

Councillor Ian Boulton (Lab, Staple Hill) said he feared that, until the roads through the neighbourhood were adopted by the council, there would be no enforceable speed limits.

Lawyers were unable to confirm whether that was the case, and he said the “hole in the argument” might be enough to defer the committee’s decision.

However, officers contested that drivers’ speeds would be limited by the design of the roads.

Proposing approval, Keith Burchell (Con, Almondsbury) said: “You can’t account for idiot drivers who go too fast and park in stupid places.

You can’t hold developments up because drivers are going to drive through at 40mph. That’s got to be dealt with as it happens, through enforcements.

That’s all we can look at, otherwise conditions [on the planning consent] would be 50 or 60 pages long.”

Layout sketch of the North Yate New Neighbourhood

Yate North representative Mike Drew (Lib Dem) said the North Yate New Neighbourhood was being built out of sequence and the district centre was being “leapfrogged”.

He said the necessary infrastructure and amenities would not be in place for the 226 homes proposed – and claimed Barratt Homes could instead look to develop the district centre with more homes to maximise its profits.

Mr Drew was told that members had signed off a phasing plan for the new neighbourhood – but then officers had agreed a different order with the developer. As they were revisions to the plan, officers were not required to consult with elected members.

The application was voted through.