Playing field changing rooms to be extended

October 02 2018

Yate Town Council has announced the start of an exciting new initiative to expand and update the existing changing facility at Sunnyside Playing Fields.

  The work is designed to provide a high quality and safe sports changing room facility accessible for all.  The update to the facilities will cater for male and female teams, with the addition of two extra changing rooms. 

The expansion works are being funded from S106 monies awarded from housing developer contributions to provide additional sporting facilities in the area.

The improvements will enable female football to take place at the same time as male match fixtures.  It will also improve disability access as well as upgrading security measures.

The council are working with facility users and the local league adult teams to support the scheduling of away fixtures at the beginning of the season or finding alternative Yate venues. Junior fixtures will proceed at Sunnyside on Sundays and the teams/spectators will access toilets within the Bowls Pavilion to avoid cancelling of fixtures. 

Councillor John Ford, Chair of the Properties and Play Area Steering Group and Chair of Yate Town council, said, ‘This is a forward step, bringing the use of our sports facilities at Sunnyside to all genders and those with disabilities, in line with 21st century expectations.’

The work has been timetabled for completion at the beginning of December 2018.