Pop-up art displays could come to your street

May 05 2021
Pop-up art displays could come to your street

VOLUNTEERS who wanted to brighten up a Yate street transformed it overnight with a guerilla art campaign.

Lamp posts were turned into flowers on Tyndale Avenue to surprise residents and raise some smiles.

And the community art project has had such a positive reaction that the organisers are planning another one for the town.

It all started when Tyndale Avenue was dug up for gas works, and volunteers at Cranleigh Court Community Hub noticed that it was looking untidy and dreary.

Katie Hanning, who works for development group Southern Brooks Community Partnerships at the Hub, said they wanted to do something "unexpected and fun".

After some research they decided to create a floral display, using painted hubcaps as flowers, with knitted stems.

Katie said: “We wanted to use repurposed materials where possible, so much of the wool was donated by local people and the hubcaps were all second-hand. Some we bought, some were scavenged - we had to wrestle with a few bushes for a couple – but all the local cars are not now missing their hubcaps!"

Volunteers donated wool, sanded and painted, climbed up ladders and tried to keep the whole idea a secret until it was ready to be revealed.  Some people were asked to knit 'long green scarves’, with no idea what they were for.

For the volunteers at the hub, the street art was a continuation of their usual activities which aim to connect with the community, even if it couldn’t be face to face.

Katie says they keep people ‘busy, positive and connected’.

Feedback from residents has been encouraging, with some saying that the flowers brighten up their dog walks, and others that their children have enjoyed spotting the flowers.

There are now plans for another display, at a location which is currently a secret.

Katie said: “You will have to keep your eyes peeled, as we don't want to give the game away too soon. This one will be a variant of the theme and our teams are excited to start making again.” 

The hub is open on Wednesdays between 2-4pm for a drop in chat with a cup of tea, for anyone wanting to volunteer, or from a group that needs volunteers.

On Thursdays a community fridge with surplus food and a 'pay-what-you-can' outdoor café are open from 11am-1pm.

Katie needs lots of green wool for the next art project. Anyone who can help can contact her by email at katiehanning@southernbrooks.org.uk.