Popular Yate summer playscheme told to improve after Ofsted inspection

September 28 2015

AN annual summer playscheme funded by Yate Town Council has been told by an Ofsted inspector to improve.

AN annual summer playscheme funded by Yate Town Council has been told by an Ofsted inspector to improve.

The well-used scheme for primary age children runs for four weeks during the school holidays at the parish hall in Station Road.

Yate-based Children’s Playlink operates it for up to 40 children, who can enjoy activities such as arts and crafts, story sessions, sports and outdoor play.

But after an inspection by the education watchdog during the most recent holiday, it has been given a rating that requires it to improve. Inspector Dominique Allotey also said it did not meet legal requirements for early years settings.

Among her key findings, she raised concerns about meals, accident records and monitoring, although she also said children attending the scheme were happy and well behaved.

Ms Allotey said: “Staff do not ensure children have healthy, well balanced and nutritious meals. As a result, they do not effectively promote children’s health and physical development.

“The provider does not keep suitable records of all accidents, incidents and first aid treatment involving children because they give the records to parents.”

She said not enough information was obtained about children when they first started in order to fully meet their care needs and suitable places for them to play quietly or sit and relax were not consistently provided. Staff also did not make use of meal times to develop children’s social skills.

Ms Allotey said the provider had a poor regard to self evaluation. It did not keep monitoring up to date and, as a result, had failed to identify weaknesses in practice.

She also said staff could not always follow policy and procedures for administering medication to children due to a lack of paperwork. That meant if children needed medication, they might not always be able to attend.

However, she said staff were positive role models and warm towards the youngsters. She said: “They reinforce rules consistently so children’s behaviour is good and children are happy.”

Information from children about their latest interests was regularly collected in order to meet their needs and youngsters enjoyed a suitable range of activities and play.

A statement from the town council said: “We will be expecting the provider to address all the issues within the report in preparation for next year’s scheme.

“These reports are really helpful in bringing new eyes to projects. We know lots of local young people greatly enjoy the scheme and are sure Children’s Playlink will be keen to use the report to make the scheme even better.”